Deception & Dishonesty

It is important to detect deception as it affects the process and status of a business or organisation. Deception Detection Training is essential in effectively running a business or a company. Therefore, avail our training and experience the great benefits it can do for you and/or your business. You can be able to spot lies, detect theft or recognize deceitful staff with the training that we will provide.

We give the right training matched with expertise and excellence to retail security teams dealing with shop theft and HR Departments dealing with staff. We give the right and full information so that you will detect deception in the best possible way. This could be done using techniques such as:

  • Statement analysis
  • Behavioral analysis of the staff
  • Facial micro-expression of the person being checked
  • Proper assessment of the verbal and non-verbal deceit indicators
  • Methodology regarding interrogation of the person suspected of theft or deceit
  • Telephone Interview

We give a systematic and accurate planning and procedure to determine if a member of staff is lying or stealing information from the company. We take any necessary procedure to offer you the best quality of output you will need. We organize each of the techniques in a detailed way. In doing so, we arrive to the correct answers that you are searching for. Our staff and team assures an effective approach to any staff or crew member who commits theft or deceit within the organisation.

Using factual and behavioural evidence, we determine the action of deception before it gets worse. We have highly qualified staff who can provide you training and analysis to determine if an employee Is lying or not. We make sure you get the right approach and service to arrive in an excellent solution in detecting deception or fraud in a corporation or in its staff itself.

We do our best by giving the best decision to HR personnel, managers and investigators on the right decision they would do in case deceit happens to the company or organisation they are working for. We guarantee that the Deception Detection Training would be the best for them.

The training is made in an excellent and systematic process as possible. We make sure to give the best procedures and techniques so that you will not have a problem in the company you are working. We determine deceit with ease and expertise not only through using highly recommended techniques but also in gathering information and evidence. Each client is given an assurance to get rid of fraud and theft found in the organization.

Deception Detection Training is important in any person, companies or organizations.  We make sure to give you the best results in completing the training. With Deception Detection Training, you will not worry at all in making your company safe from deception and theft. We are here to give you the best training!