Data Security

The online world is not as secure as most people thought at first.  It is vulnerable to criminal attacks, one of which is hacking. Information can be easily accessed if one person knows what to do. However, that does not mean that you cannot protect your data. You can ensure digital privacy measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

What is Data Security?

Data security is the digital privacy measures you can apply to protect your computer systems and information. Your data security measures will prevent any unauthorized access to websites, databases and computers. At the same time, it will protect your data from corruption. In any organization, data security is a major concern.

Why Is Data Security Important?

Data security and privacy is challenged with the growth and proliferation of data as well as the torrent of data breaches that is ongoing. The key to preventing these data breaches is the understanding of sensitive data risk. For organizations to be able to protect their computer systems and data, it is important that they understand the process of analyzing data risk.

In securing data and analyzing the data risk, the process includes discovering, identifying and then classifying the risk. Other factors are also considered in classifying the risk and once it’s been identified, then that is the time that tactical and strategic steps are executed to ensure that the data is safe. Data security is important for the implications of security breaches.

From loss of jobs to loss of millions in revenue, your question should not be ‘if’ but ‘when’ in terms of cyber attack. You should not ask if your data will be targeted or your traditional security measures will be breached but when it will happen. On that note, you need additional data security measures to protective your sensitive information.

How We Can Help Protect Your Sensitive Protection

There are different measures you can take to protect your sensitive information from being accessed without authorization. One of which is through the use of hardware and software encryption products. These products are designed to protect your data at rest, meaning data stored on permanent media such as USB drives and tapes.

Our company is dedicated to helping you protect yourself from being victimized by hacking and other cyber criminal acts. Through these data security products, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is protected. The products come in the form factor of secure USB drives and secure SSD’s. Along with that is software that can run on Windows, Linux or Mac computers.

With our data security measures, your media will be secured. Thus, reading and writing data without the correct encryption key (password) is not possible. Our data security measures are some of the best that you can trust to completely keep your data safe from intruders. Our Safexs range are the perfect tools to add to your traditional security measures. Call us and let us discuss the various digital protection measures your organization can apply in additional to traditional security measures.