Control & Restraint

You are not a police officer and you do not work in security. Why would it be important for you to learn control and restraint techniques? Well, if you are in the hospitality and healthcare industry, there are going to be times when you will need such skills. Whatever the setting is, there’s a benefit to learning how to prevent and manage violence and aggression.

Why Learn Control and Restraint Techniques?

The healthcare, hospitality and social care sectors are some of those fields where control and restraint skills can be applied. When conflicts arise, you will be able to effectively reduce the risk and enhance the safety of the people. In the hospitality industry, there’s often a problem customer you need to deal with and it’s always going to an emotionally charged situation.

You can hope to calm someone down and talk to them rationally, but if physical action has already been taken, there is zero chance that you can turn the tide around. This is especially so if the problem customer is drunk or has taken drugs. In situations like this where things are likely to get out of control, physical confrontation is often the next step which could get dangerous if you are not trained.

A skirmish due to highly emotive situation in a healthcare or hospitality facility is not only dangerous but it also opens up to a number of repercussions for the institution. To prevent these things from happening, what you need is proper training in these particular situations. What you need is to learn of the complete array of techniques and tools you can use to gain control of the situation that is both safe and legitimate.

The fact is that situations like this often end in violence and if you don’t do this right, you could be facing assault charges or manslaughter if it ended really badly. There could also be financial penalties and you could end up behind bars. What you need is to be able to handle it safely and legitimately. On that note, we can help you through our C & R Training designed for government agencies, healthcare and hospitality.

Control & Restraint Training to Government Agencies

Confronting and subduing problem customers or clients is not an easy thing to do. If you are not trained, it could end in serious injuries and even death. This is why it’s extremely important that you go under proper training on control and restraint. That is what we can help you with our C & R Training designed for government agencies including healthcare and hospitality.

Under experienced trainers, you can learn the different tools and techniques that you can use to utilise and control a highly emotive situation. This way, you can prevent the situation from elevating to more violent nature and stop it right there and then. With our C & R Training, rest assured that safety is the first concern.

Don’t hesitate to ask any question about how this training can help you. Contact us now. We are always happy to hear from anyone.