About Us

Secusol is one of the security companies that draw from the best techniques, protocols, products and measures. The team also consists of members with a vast experience in instruction, training and management.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to provide government agencies, individuals and businesses with the highest form of security solutions for data security and personal protection. We make use of proven techniques and protocols, state-of-the-art technologies, measures and assessments developed by industry security experts and intelligence agencies for family safety, internet safety and personnel safety.

Core Values

Our company operates in line with our core values that best define us:

  • Responsibility

Accountability and knowledge of the job at hand, our clients will never expect less from our team members

  • Honesty

Our team members meet the highest standards of trust and honesty without exceptions.

  • Excellence

Our company is committed to offering the best service possible to employees, managers, clients and even ourselves.

  • Integrity

We seek to always do the right thing even if no one is out there looking.

  • Client

With our clients from different sectors that rely on us, they can most certainly place their security and lives in our hands. It is their safety that serves as our main concern.

With over eleven years of experience in the security sector, providing security solutions to government agencies and corporate’s across Europe, there is no longer a need for you to contact other companies out there. We should be your first choice. All our coaches and consultants are fully experienced and qualified in the services and training that we provide.

Unmatched Knowledge and Experience

Our abilities have been used and designed by industries, business, family and personal protection specialists. Each of our team members are responsible for the field operations and the combined experience has helped in the protection of many businesses and individuals.

Being one of the leading security companies in Europe, we only hire personnel with experience, knowledge and exceptional leadership. We employ experts that help make our company the best.

Browse through our product pages and believe in your intuition that our self-defence, personal safety, security products, travel security products and courses are the best. We also offer internet safety and data security training and courses as well as courses and training for travel safety, self-defence training, anti-bullying and onsite training courses for children, adults and teenagers.

The expert advocacy and direct services we have will serve as the true foundation of our company. With our experts working together, we promise of bringing uniqueness to the table and delivering more complete and faster solutions in different ways that other organisations cannot!

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