Self-Defence Courses

We have a range of courses and classes for self protection


Anti-Bullying Program

Protect your child from physical, verbal and online bullying


C&R Training

Pressure Point Defensive Tactics, handcuffing and C&R


Cyber Crime

Tools and training for businesses and individuals


Travel Security

Safety training for corporates and individuals


BarSafe Program

Creating a safe and friendly environment for guests and staff


    Welcome to Secusol

    Secusol provide privacy and security solutions to consumers and businesses, prioritising prevention as a key element in offering the best form of protection.

    Backed by a team that implements security design concepts to meet the unique needs of clients, it is  our responsibility to take their concerns into consideration. In line with our mission, it is our goal to bring provide the best security solutions for their protection.

    Our protection and security consulting services have been drawn from the best techniques, best products and protocols developed by security experts.

    We believe that when your business, home and family are well-protected, you will have peace of mind in the end. At Secusol, securing what is most valued to you is our utmost priority. This is the main reason why we provide data security and privacy solutions.

    Safety is our Business

    Secusol is here to provide solutions to protect your assets, records and employees from accidental and intentional data leakage. We will provide reliable and cost-effective security whether you are a major corporation or a family-owned business.

    The most responsive and most customized security plan will be created and designed just for you including anything from action plans and regular monitoring for emergencies. Allow us to handle and manage the security and safety of your business for you to get focused on what is important. Your growth and your customers will be your focus.

    Training Classes and Courses

    Secusol provides classes in training the next generation of safety professionals and experts. Our comprehensive list of classes offer you personal protection courses, additional education and a whole lot more.

    Moreover, our consultants have been involved in some of the largest deployments of security related solutions across Europe. We also follow the highest level of ethics and professionalism.

    Even our team of consultants and coaches are licensed and certified in providing training and classes. It is without a doubt that we could take good care of you, personally and professionally. It will be a pleasure working with you for your business and family’s security. When circumstances arise, we are highly responsive and expert enough to handle it for your peace of mind!